Creative Cleanout Covers saved my basement!

From upscale sinks and showers to countertops and tile, your fixtures say a lot about your property’s value. So why ignore your plumbing cleanout? Here’s a simple, affordable way to upgrade an otherwise unsightly home staple, indoors or out.

I never gave much thought to the cleanout in my finished basement. That is, until a sewer line rupture forced me to have a plumber remove the old plastic cap. He did a fine job snaking a camera down, but he turned my cleanout into a hideous eyesore. In prying off the old cap, he put a crowbar dent deep into the drywall. The corroded chrome plug he installed had an unsightly wingnut protruding out.

I scoured hardware stores, plumbing supply outlets and the Internet for something—anything—to fix the mess. After searching “decorative cleanout covers,” I happened across CreativeCleanoutCovers.com. AND WOW! I couldn’t believe what I found. Founder and master plumber Duane Heaton has cleverly designed a variety of attractive, lightweight covers (ranging from 5.5”-6” diameter) that will fit any décor, indoors or out. They are ridiculously simple to use, with a powerful magnet on the back that secures right over the cap screw.

I spoke with Duane and his attentive staff, and they provided the perfect solution: The stylish Mesa Cover in Beachnut Bronze. Duane even sent another cover to try, as well as a brand-new plastic “dollar plug” that fit snugly into the PVC threads to prevent leaks.

After patching my drywall and placing the new cover, I no longer dread walking into my basement. I cannot recommend this company enough. Outstanding customer service. Innovative products. And affordable, too! Do yourself and your home a favor and COVER THE UGLY CHROME!

Christine Ludwig
Peoria Heights, IL



I am so glad I found Creative Cleanout Covers!
I have a new home in Corona del Mar. I am so pleased that I was able to find Creative Cleanout Covers. The contractor put standard chrome covers on the cleanouts. They just look awful! I have beautiful rock along the side of my house and the chrome stood out like a sore thumb. I now have beautiful Bronze coverings that blend and look wonderful. No one wants to see sewer covers on rock. The house is viewed by many walkers going by and I am often given compliments.

The Creative Cleanout Covers give any home a look of elegance and refinement. Why would you use standard chrome covers, when you have the look and function of a product that enhances to beauty of your home?
Roz Lipoff,
Corona del Mar, CA

Creative Cleanout Covers saved my bathroom!
Wow another great example of what Creative Cleanout Covers can do for your home or office!

Thank you Brian for sharing these before and afters of your office bathroom. “I used to cringe when my clients would ask if they could use my office bathroom and would have to warn them of the ugly cleanout they were about to be exposed to, now I welcome my guests to use my bathroom, Thank you Creative Cleanout Covers for saving my office bathroom! I am loving my new Hermosa Flat in Paint Grade White!”

Costa Mesa, CA